August 20, 2014


If you live in Europe, chances are big these days you're starting your autumn shopping because HELLO WEATHER IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Boooh and screams and cries we can't wear our summer shorts and little dresses anymore, YAY for new season shopping - always look at the bright side!
 It doesn't matter I didn't get the chance to wear all my summer dresses and tops (I'm going to let you guess if that's because we had so few sunny days or because I have too many summer clothes), NO WELL actually it does it makes me pissed and I want to move some place it's hot and sunny 300 days a year.
But reality for now is: I have no choice but starting to wear warmer clothes. I am cleaning out my closet - I threw away or sold almost 1/3 of my stuff for summer and I'm planning to do the same for winter so YES I NEED NEW CLOTHES!!!

When buying for a new season I always want to start with basic items like jeans,  before I turn to crazy dresses with a psychedelic print I will wear only once but that looked so good when I tried it on in the store. I really need a guide and list for myself or I will just buy n'importe quoi and end up with a closet full of things I can't combine BEEN THERE ONE TOO MANY TIMES.
Soooo below are two outfits with essential items to any girl's closet I would love to wear. And since it's currently 16,5°C outside, I could as well start wearing them tomorrow.


1. I buy this combo (or parts of it) every year but I still haven't found the perfect items I can wear for the rest of my life so I'm trying again with these: 

I buy jeans every single season (always dark colours for winter and lighter for summer I'm that conservative) but I still haven't found THAT jeans that makes ànd my ass look perfect ànd my legs slimmer ànd that is comfortable even after having 3 plates of pasta ànd that I can dress up and down. However I have some favourite brands, and for "cheaper" jeans I really like Abercrombie&Fitch - this winter I want to try this one (I will make a post about my favourite jeans brands because there is nothing as hard as finding the perfect jeans and I want to share my knowledge)  // this Theory shirt // grey sweater by Chloé - I love the combo of turtleneck sweaters and shirts - try it!! //  Gianvito Rossi ankle boots I'M GOING TO HAVE SO MANY DREAMS ABOUT THIS PAIR! (why do I only like expensive shoes it's a tragedy) // I always wear a belt with jeans, and a blinged out one gives a simple outfit something extra // ever since I've discovered cross body bags I don't want anything else DO YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME IT IS TO BE ABLE TO USE BOTH HANDS? // Just like the Dior ones, but with a pricetag you'll like, get them here (I can't photoshop I know sorry for the bad quality)

2. Looking cute and sexy when it's cold has always been impossible (it has something to do with wearing tights and struggling with layers to stay warm I think) but I'm going to give it a try this winter with this outfit: 

Ok so first this dress is EVERYTHING. No cleavage, not sexy, but sexy is all about the accessories //  when paired with these Alaïa booties (I know they are maybe too sexy I CAN'T I LOVE SHOES) the dress gets vavavavoomed // also the combo of a girly/conservative dress and bold high boots is always a good one, get this stunning pair here don't look at the pricetag you need good boots // Next I found this Jimmy Choo bag that goes so well with the dress // then, maybe it's a risk and I'll end up looking slutty but I would want to wear it with this leather jacket // of course you need tights, and trust me Falke has the best // crazy about this hat (I really need to start wearing one) // and don't forget your gloves, I love these!


August 17, 2014

The Fashion Alphabet: E is for Emilio Pucci

It's time forrrrrrr: another episode of The Fashion Alphabet: for the letter E how could I not pick the designer with whom I share my name: Emilio Pucci. Actually it was a close call with Erdem (love their clothes) but when Google told me Emilio started his career by designin ski clothes, Emilio won (I'm a big skier myself). So here is EVERRRYTHING you EVERR wanted to know about Emilio and his famous prints.

"The Prince of Prints" was born Emilio Pucci di Barsento, Marquis of Barsento in 1914. As you already guessed by his name - so smart, you- Emilio was an aristocrat. He has a lineage tracking back to Florentine Renaissance. (also FUN FACT did you know Marquis is the title directly under King?)  He was "the first one in his family to work in a 1000 years" (so he said), and because he didn't want to dishonour his family he signed his clothes with his first name only.

After World War II (in which he was a pilot and was friends with Mussolini) he was photographed by Toni Frissell of Harper's Bazaar on the Italian ski slopes, wearing ski pants of his own design. Harper's Bazaar asked him to design some winter clothes for women, which were put for sale in New York.
Because of the great response he opened a boutique in Capri in 1949, where he sold "Capri Pants" (THANK YOU EMILIO FOR INVENTING THOSE!!). The headquarters of Pucci were located in his family's 14th-century palazzo in Florence.
During the fifties he gained a reputation of a designer, and the world couldn't get enough of his patterned sporting wear and his dresses in silk jersey that were light weight, wrinkle free and very comfortable: this sounds so normal to us but it actually were the first post-war clothes that were this way.
When you say Pucci you say Print, as there is no designer better known for his prints (Peter Pilotto keep trying, Diane von Furstenberg you're almost there) that have delicious names such as "Neapolitan yellow, Veronese green and Tirian pink".

In the seventies, the world was still in love with his silk-jersey dresses, of which The New York Times said in 1967 "A Pucci dress is just about worth its weight in gold". Marilyn Monroe was buried in one - that says enough, doesn't it?
But as it goes with trends and very popular clothes, the Pucci print slowly fell out of favor with the public, however made a short comeback in the nineties. Emilio Pucci died in 1992.
In 2000 LVMH acquired 67% of the brand, and under the direction of Laudomia Pucci (would you not just love to have that lastname), Emilio's daughter, the brand stepped into the new millennium with Christian Lacroix, Matthew Williamson and now Peter Dundas as head designers.

Personally I have nothing much with their iconic print (I will forever try, but for now I'm really not into it), though I am always mucho mucho in love with their runway looks (where we rarely see the typical Pucci Print). I started following the brand closely with Matthew Williamson and now I LOVE it with Peter Dundas, who creates the perfect rock&roll sexy gypsy boho chic blingbling clothes for socialites (best way to describe it righhttt?). In my very humble opinion of fashion amateur: I think it's a lot like what Hedi Slimane does for Saint Laurent these days, but better. Unfortunately, the clothes are not really accessible, with dresses starting from 1000€...

But photos are free!

First is designer Peter Dundas with Maryna Linchuk, the other photos are random looks I like from runway shows (I am a way too lazy person to write down the specific years).

Erica Pelosini wore Pucci for her wedding day(s). The first dress is straight of the runway, the second one - her actual wedding dress -  was designed by Peter Dundas especially for her. I need designer friends like that :) 

sources text: 1 2 3 source photos: Google/The Coveteur 

August 13, 2014

Holidays are fun BUT

I'm back from a two week holiday and CAN I GO BACK ALREADY? It's currently 18°C and raining, reality is striking me hard...

So let's try to cheer myself (and many of you I'm sure) up, because holidays are not always fun:

# The pool of your hotel in real life will never look as good as it did on photos on their website.

# Touristic spots: beautiful places that you must see but so do all the other people in a radius of 300km.

# You need walking shoes for strolling around all day and visiting but no way you're wearing sneakers with your cute dress, so you decide to wear sandals or flats and your feet hate you at the end of the day.

# Food in touristic areas. Overpriced and rarely good/healthy (unless you go to a $$$$$$$ place).

# Eating in restaurants for more than a week. Homemade food is just SO MUCH BETTER.

# 5€ for a bottle of water. 4 times a day.

# If you go on a holiday with your boyfriend I guarantee at one point you'll want to kill each other.

# When you're in a restaurant next to people who talk the same language as you. If I wanted to hear my language I'd go on holiday in my own country.

# Parking in a city. Somehow parking spaces are always smaller than you're used to.

# Paying for every church, building or bunch of ancient stones your Michelin guide says you have to see.

# Your money leaving your wallet faster than you can say 'holidays are fun'.


Photo: Elle France 

August 8, 2014

Oneliner #4

I just had a few gin tonics and now I can't remember if I want to pee in the sink or look at my pores in the mirror or do I have something between my teeth?  

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