July 22, 2014

Can we talk about this dress for a moment

Moss is boss and she has been since forever. She wore this Christian Dior dress back in 2005 (that's 9 years ago!!!!!!!) when she was awarded with an award (I no speak English good) at the Council of Fashion Design Awards. And can I just say, it's one of my favourite dresses EVER wore by somebody EVER at an event EVER.

If I'm not mistaken, John Galliano was creative director at Dior back then, but in 2011 there was that scandal and he disapeared but now he's at Oscar de la Renta where I hope to see more stuningness and perfectionness like this. (Raf Simons, I love you don't worry you can stay at Dior).
Kate the Great has really bad hair (those roots and did she even brush it?) and wears questionable shoes and I don't even want to talk about the clutch but somehow that only makes this dress more perfect and more je ne sais quoi.
"Quoi? Am I standing here being awarded an award when I should have been awarded with that award a long time ago? I did not do my best to look cute but somehow I'm now making the best red carpet appearence in the last decade". That's why Moss is boss.

I'm not going to spoil this dress for you by rambling on what is great about it because I no speak English good enough to explain what's so spectacular about it BUT promise me you'll look at this photo for a minute. Then you can leave me a comment and say that indeed, this is one of your favourite dresses EVER wore by somebody EVER at an event EVER.

July 21, 2014

Summer is for

I know some people think writing lists if for when you have nothing better to do and when you're inspirationless but sorryyyy I love lists and I will keep making them! More posts coming this week PINKY PROMISE!

So here's what you and me should be doing this summer:

# Taking time off from the Internet. No matter ho much I love scrolling through blogs and websites like Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail (I know I know) in summer I just somehow have no time for that. I'm too busy getting a tan. I still look through my favourite blogs a few times a week but I don't read articles as attentive as I usually do (this is also about your blog sorry haha). Pinterest is the only website I visit daily because it's so easily accessible from my phone.

# Reading. Nothing like spending an afternoon in your garden/at your pool/on your yacht (in your dreams or not) while enjoying a good read. I LOVE reading (I was that kid that went to the library twice a week I'm not even joking) and summer = reading 1 book a day (again I'm not even joking)

# Not working out. Meh it's too hot to do any other physical activities than sailing, swimming, surfing, playing tennis (in the morning obviously) or making a walk at the beach. What I'm saying is= it's too hot to run or to go to a gym. You know what they say: "summer bodies are created during winter" and sometimes CLICHES SPEAK THE TRUTH.


# EAT. I'm always more hungry in summer, not for McDonalds (thank god) but for fresh fruits, salads, sweets, cookies I baked myself, fish and of course ICE CREAM. It's now 15.11 and I ate two Calippos and a Cornetto so far and I'm not even feeling bad about it.

# Get a tan. Yes the sun is bad for your skin and yes you get wrinkles from tanning and yes maybe you will regret it when you're 50. I can only speak for myself, but I don't use tanning beds so I can only tan when it's hot outside (which is maybe 3-4 weeks total here) and I use SPF25 and SPF35 on my face and I never go in the sun for more than 2 hours straight and I give my skin a rest for 10 months a year so I LIKE GETTING A TAN IN SUMMER AND NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT IT.

# Be lazy. You are allowed to do absolutely nothing today.

# Read magazines. Usually I think they're a lot of money for what's inside so I don't buy magazines that often, but during summer I buy all of them. Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Grazia (which I just discovered this summer, how could I now know this magazine before), Porter, National Geographic, Country Living, and BAD weekly gossip magazines.  I buy some of these in 3 languages (I would say when it comes to reading I'm pretty much trilingual) so I definately have more than enough to read for the whole summer.  Yes I spend a ridiculous amount of money on them, but it's only for two months a year so my wallet isn't complaining too much.

# Bbq with friends. Making memories, that's what it's about!

# Remember my first point? But thanks for reading!

July 15, 2014

Dolce&Gabbana you are awesome

Some days ago Dolce&Gabbana showed their Alta Moda collection against the background of the picturesque isle Capri (on my 'to visit' list!!!!!). If you think their previous collection was impressive - remember the gowns that looked like they were made of flowers? - this time again the 200 guests were treated to a fashion spectacle that I'm sure they were BLOW AWAY BY. When I saw the photos I got my biggest fashion heart attack yet (my second, I also had a heart attack when I saw the Chanel supermarket - but when then it was the decor that triggered it, now it were the beautiful, stunning, incredible clothes). It's proven once more that Stefano and Domenico are genuises who should be awarded with a statue in every fashion capital and a note in every history book pronto. For me, they succeeded in giving their brand a true identity, and somehow they are able to show us that identity in a refreshing way Every. Single. Season. (ok AW14 I was not really impressed by, but nobody is perfect).
Their guests were treated to a series of looks that - as Vogue says - were sold out even before the model left the runway. But the surprise of the evening was models arriving in THE MOST STUNNING GOWNS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN by boat as a pièce de résistance at the end of the fashion show, accompanied by fireworks. I'm afraid no show will be able to top this at the upcoming fashion weeks, seriously I can look at these gowns for the rest of my life and die in peace.

I don't think there has ever been a fashion show I would have wanted to be at more SERIOUSLY. Pleasepleasepleasepleaaaaaaase can I get an invitation next time? :)

ps on another note I read The Fault in our Stars today. I didn't want to at first because I heard the book will almost certainly make you cry. Let me tell you: I cried. But if you like to read you should give it a try, I have nothing with YA book but this one is well written. And I study literature so you can trust my opinion :) I won't watch the movie though because I don't like movies that make me cry.


July 14, 2014

Which one?

Yessss I did not write for almost a month but exams literally sucked my inspiration away and then I was on holiday and I'M SORRY but those of you who follow me for a long time know I'll always be back :)

Ok that's over with let's get to it.

For the past three days I have been in doubt about shoes. I am in doubt about shoes A LOT OF TIMES because I have this rule where I have to sleep on it, and sleep on it again (that's my two day rule) before I can buy shoes - otherwise I would now have 500 pairs and be broke. I have many, many sleepless nights during the sales as you can imagine haha.

Some days ago I spotted these gorgeous Sergio Rossi heels for 50% off and I need them in my life. I don't have pointy pumps and a girl needs pointy pumps. These are perfect for dinners, drinks, job interviews (some day I will graduate haha), how good would they look with a suit and just to look at and ARGH I NEED THEM.
But I have a feeling these are so very painful. 

Then a day later I came across this Isabel Marant pair with 40% off. I have tried on Isabel Marant so many times but I never bought her shoes because I feel like they're never really my style. However these Betty's are kind of cool, I don't own sneakers (only Converse and real running/fitness/tennis shoes), kind of irresistable to try them at 40% off and did I already tell you I'm moving to Paris in September so no doubt I'll need a pair of comfortable sneakers to explore the city ARGH I NEED THEM.
But I'm not a sneaker person. 

So yes I need your help. Which pair? Or both - because both styles are indispensable in my closet OR SO IT SEEMS...

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